Best options for airport parking services

Parking at Birmingham Airport? Then book in advance
 If you’d like to get your vacation off to a flying start then it’s well worth planning your journey to the airfield ahead and that includes where to park the vehicle.
 Surprising delays on your inward bound flight and issues with public transport all make the concept of driving straight to the airport a convenient option. There are numerous different options for parking at Birmingham Airport so one is bound to fit your wants.
 If your vacation is for up to a few days the Short and Medium Stay automobile parks 1, Two and Three will suit. Prices start from just £24.99 for a three-night, weekend break and you may be sure your auto’s safe while you go off and enjoy your holiday.

For the best worth parking or for longer breaks then it’s definitely worth booking a place in one of the Long Stay car parks in advance. After you’ve parked up it’s only one or two minutes’ walk to get to the airport’s terminals or you could hop on one of the courtesy buses which run continually between the Long Stay automobile parks and the terminals.
 Both Long Stay vehicle parks benefit from regular patrols to guarantee security and are covered by CCTV. Booking your parking at Birmingham Airport could not be simpler – it’s now possible to make your booking on the web.

Obtaining the best deals for parking at Birmingham Airport is easy by pre-booking. You’ve planned your trip ahead, so don’t leave anything to chance and make sure you organise where you’ll leave your car at the exact same time. Pre-booking could mean you pay as little as £2.99 every day, saving you up to Sixty %.

With your pre-booking, all you need to do is head to the auto park entrance and take a ticket. Park your automobile in one of the spaces and make your way to the terminal either on foot, or if you’re parked in one of the Long Stay car parks you can take the bus. When you leave you only need to quote your booking reference as you exit.

No one wants their vacation to be ruined by such a little detail as where to leave the car, so before heading to the airport ensure you’ve thought about parking at Birmingham Airport. A small amount of planning during the run-up to your vacation could make the flying process a ton simpler.