November 3, 2017 Caribbean Vacationer

Fly Over Kauai and Then Deep Dive in Florida.

Fresh from our helicopter tour of the Napali coast of Kauai, we’ve decided to try a scuba driving trip 4,000 miles away in sunny Florida. Click here to find the travel coupon we used to get there.
kauai helicopter tours
Planning to scuba dive on your next trip to Florida? Well you may not know that there are so many other places to dive in Florida and one possibility is Fort Lauderdale.

Unlike other destinations around the globe where scuba diving is the only activity available , Florida offers scuba diving and great out of the water opportunities. If you look for good hotel rates on websites like then Florida can also be a very inexpensive holiday destination as well!

Places like Fort Lauderdale deliver unbelievable scuba diving and a different experience . When you arrive you will immediately see why it is … Read the rest