Diving In Florida: World Famous Keys

Diving in Florida is different from most other scuba diving experiences. You will soon discover there are just so many places to choose from, so where do you begin?

Florida has more coast line than any other state in the USA and for scuba diving starts on the north east coast at Palm Beach with the Atlantic coast line travelling down to Fort Lauderdale. Follow the Atlantic coast line further south and you are very quickly in Miami. A short trip further on of 90 miles and you have arrived at ‘The Keys’.

The Keys stretch from Key Largo at the northern end all the way down through Islamorada and Marathon to Key West, the furthest point south.

Once you have reached the most southerly point and headed west the coast line has left the Atlantic and is now on The Gulf of Mexico. The are plenty of places to go diving in Florida on this coast line right up to Tampa.

When you consider that Florida has such a long and varied coast line it is not surprising to know it is such a popular destination for scuba diving.

Off all the destinations in Florida, Key Largo is the best known of all. Known as the “Scuba diving capital of the world”, Key Largo was always a popular destination. Over the years the other major areas of Florida have continued to expand their artificial reef programs and now offer some excellent diving sites.

Diving in Florida can offer you the experience of the riches of Palm Beach which now has some amazing diving sites such as Governors River Walk Reef. Do you know of many diving sites that was created using not one shipwreck but four!

The four ships that form Governors River Walk Reef are the Shasha Boekanier, St. Jaques, Thozina and the Gilbert Sea which sit on the seabed at a depth of up to 90 feet. This is typical of the commitment to developing artificial reefs around the Florida coast line.

Miami has achieved similar fame with diving sites such as Army Tanks yet another unusual diving site in Florida. Of course Miami also has an exciting city to offer when you are not in the water and has famous beaches such as South Beach with its art deco , cafes and bars, and of course not forgetting some fabulous shops.

Planning to go diving in Florida needs to take into account some of the great places you can visit and may or may not include a trip to Orlando. Even here in Orlando you can still do some Florida scuba diving.

However Florida scuba diving is all about its fabulous coastline and when you scuba dive in Key Largo you will fully understand why it was ‘the place to go’.

Key Largo has everything from easy shallow reef dives to deep wreck dives such as the USS Spiegel Grove which was the biggest shipwreck ever to be intentionally sunk in these waters and takes numerous dives to fully explore.

Diving in Florida is one of the most exciting pastimes and continues to grow in popularity.