If you want a good Australian holiday you need a good Australian hotel

You will find Darwin is an wonderful place to savor a truly great Australian holiday.

Darwin has been ruined twice  – first during World War II by the indentical Japanese bombers that destroyed Pearl harbour and second in 1974 by Cyclone Tracy. Since the rebuilding Darwin has prospered from tourism and mineral wealth. The Town Hall did not survive and its remains can be seen across from the oldest surviving building in Darwin, which was constructed in 1883 and is now home to the Darwin Theatre Company.

Darwin has a spacious, ordered feel to it because of the wide streets, low buildings and open spacesexpansive, manicured lawns. The streets give way to mangrove sea shores, and brightly coloured foliage and very big sea tides. Darwin is about the size of a large country town but with all the services of a major city.
Towards the west is the Esplanade which displays unparalleled sunsets. Large international hotels  face the bay while joggers, power walkers and leisure walkers make the most of extensive walk trails. The walk trails have glorious views from many lookout points and a series of memorial sites, several commemorating World War II.
Aquascene is at the northern end of the Esplanade. Here hundreds of wild fish of a variety of species gather round to be handfed. Most come close enough to touch and all are not dangerous.

At the southern end of the Esplanade are Darwins administrator buildings – Parliament House, Government House. The Supreme Court is also found in this precinct and its foyer features an extraordinary floor mosaic configured by Aboriginal artist, Nora Napaltijari.

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