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Travel in Style: Best Headphones Under $100

It’s likely that you will be taking a flight to the port that your cruise ship will be leaving from, and a good pair of headphones can make that leg of your journey a lot more pleasant! You can get a great pair of quality headphones for less than one hundred dollars, and they are also great for if you need to take a break from cruising and spend some quiet time in your cabin. Remember that getting adequate rest is important for preventing illness!

Now that you’ve got a sweet deal on your next cruise, now on to the next challenge: staying healthy on your cruise.

The 5 Easiest Ways To Stay Healthy On A Cruise Ship

Over the past decade, the modern cruise ship industry experienced a massive explosion in growth within the United States and Europe. Above deck pools, waterslides, casinos, exotic destinations, and all-you-can eat food are just a few of the luxurious reasons to embark on a cruise. However, whenever leaving for a cruise – or for anywhere – there is a chance of getting sick. Sickness becomes especially concerning on a cruise ship. Close quarters, open-air buffets, and public pools that are characteristic of cruise ships all promote the spread of sickness. Yet, the chances of getting sick should not curb your desire to cruise around the Caribbean. There are a variety of methods one can use in order to ensure they remain healthy at sea.

Hand Sanitizer and Washing Hands

All over the cruise ship you will see hand sanitizer stations urging you to have clean hands. Do not let your use of these sanitizer stations make you think you can avoid traditional hand washing. In order to maximize your sanitation, soap and water are the best way to get rid of unwanted germs. Any time you leave the bathroom, before and after eating, and upon re-embarking the ship from various ports are important moments to wash your hands.

Get A New Plate or Cup Whenever Returning to the Buffet

The signs reminding everybody to get a new plate or cup each time they go back to the buffet should be heeded. The danger with buffets is the enormous amount of people that come into contact with them. Think of all the dirty hands that have touched that one serving spoon for the roasted chicken. Then you touch the spoon. All of those germs are now on your hand and you are about to feed yourself. All you have to do is get a new plate and reduce the chances that your germs come into contact with the serving utensils everybody else uses.?

Quit Touching Your Face

The main sickness that spreads rapidly throughout cruise populations is the norovirus. This virus passes through the intestines and causes extreme nausea and diarrhea. It makes the cruise especially unpleasant because you literally have to spend the entire voyage inside at the toilet. However, this virus could be avoidable if you simply quit touching your face. The virus spreads through inhalation and ingestion. By avoiding your facial region, the virus is unable to get close to your nose and mouth. If you have to touch your face, be sure to use hand sanitizer, soap, and water beforehand.

Drink Water

How does drinking water help you remain sick-free on a cruise? Drinking water helps keep you hydrated throughout the cruise where the sun is abundant. Staying hydrated is critical to maintaining a healthy immune system. Anybody who is dehydrated has a significantly higher chance of contracting an illness from another cruise goer.

What to Do When You Start Feeling Sick

The last tip has less to do with hygiene and more to do with keeping others from getting sick and spreading it throughout the ship. If you begin to feel like you are starting sick, take a break and return to your cabin. If the feeling remains, seek out the cruise doctor in the ship’s infirmary. The doctor will most likely recommend you stay quarantined to your cabin in order to prevent others from getting sick. On the bright side though, most cruise ships offer complimentary room service.