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Dive Florida: Fort Lauderdale A Scuba Diving Surprise

Planning to scuba dive Florida? Well you may not know that there are so many other places to dive in Florida and one possibility is Fort Lauderdale.

Unlike other destinations around the globe where scuba diving is the only activity available , Florida offers scuba diving and great out of the water opportunities .

Places like Fort Lauderdale deliver unbelievable scuba diving and a different experience . When you arrive you will immediately see why it is known as “The Venice of America”.

The waterways are nothing short of stunning. When you scuba dive Florida you want something more than quality dive sites, you want an all round experience and Fort Lauderdale offers a unique opportunity to enjoy yourself out of the water as well as in the water.
The waterways are everywhere and filled with boats and cruisers providing a fantastic backdrop and unique feel to the area and with the waterways leading out to the sea it is a true water lover’s paradise. This is a fabulous area to visit ; experience and thoroughly enjoy, and for those who must – Orlanda is within easy reach by car .

When planning to dive Florida your priority will be actual choice of dive sites and here you will find a large choice of dive sites to suit all skill levels. One of the main reasons for this is that Fort Lauderdale is situated between Miami and West Palm Beach so you can easily include their diving Sites as readily accessible if you plan on travelling a short distance.

Another reason this coastline grows in popularity for those in the know who dive Florida regularly is that the Gulf Stream sweeps by this part of the coast up to West Palm Beach before moving east and out into the Atlantic.

The Gulf Stream is incredibly important to the health of the reefs as it provides a constant stream of temperate waters filled with nutrients . It is for this reason that the reefs for “The Keys” all the way up to West Palm Beach are so beautiful and full of marine life.

If you do dive Florida around the Fort Lauderdale area you will find dive sites full of shipwrecks and other structures to explore. A dive site such as the Copenhagen Wreck which was a British cargo ship built in 1898 and now leaves behind just some of the timber structure.

Other shipwrecks include the Hydro Atlantic which was originally known as the Delaware. This ship was built in 1905 and remains intact and is one of the technical dives to be found in this area. With the crane and winch still intact this is a very popular dive for those with the necessary skills.

Whilst there are many shipwrecks and other structures to explore Fort Lauderdale also has some fabulous reefs that can be explored. Fishers Pedestal is one of the most popular reefs in the area but is also an example of the dangers presented by those who scuba dive Florida and don’t protect the corals in the way that they should.

The reef known as Fishers Pedestal is one of the reefs closely monitored by the Broward County Reef Monitoring program. This importartant reef program continues to monitor both natural and human damage to help protect the health of the reef .

When you do scuba dive Florida take the time to plan your trip carefully and consider beautiful places such as Fort Lauderdale which can enhance trip and provide you with a good time both in and out of the water .

June 18th 2010
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June 18th 2010
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