November 3, 2017 Caribbean Vacationer

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We know our readers love cruises, and they love deals. So why not give them two things at the same time? Instead of posting a Hotwire promo code that’ll expire within a few days, we’ll link to a travel coupon website that continually updates their coupon codes. In fact, you can save even more by taking advantage of Priceline’s coupons.

Travel in Style: Best Headphones Under $100

It’s likely that you will be taking a flight to the port that your cruise ship will be leaving from, and a good pair of headphones can make that leg of your journey a lot more pleasant! You can get a great pair of quality headphones for less than one hundred dollars, and they are also great for if you need to take a break from cruising and spend some quiet time in your cabin. Remember that getting … Read the rest